Puletkalitzerova cena díl 21. - Simon

The match started out very positively for us, we got the lead at the start of the 1st period and increased it to 2:0 on the 7th minute, but got countered very quickly by two goals. Then unfortunately at the end of first period, we were left to defend 3 on 5 because of two consecutive penalties, and Kladno scored one to end the period with 2:3.

We started the second period shorthanded 4v5 and held it off nicely. Then in the middle of the game we got a chance for a powerplay 5 on 4 which we scored in 30 seconds. Then took the lead back 5 minutes before the end of the period and went to the brake on a 4:3 lead.

Unfortunately Kladno tied the game at the start of the period again, and took the lead on a 4 on 5 powerplay on the 5th minute of third period. After what the game went on quietly until the last minutes of the game, when we started giving Kladno a lot of pressure, which gave us very good moments, unfortunately we were not able to realize the moments. The last two minutes of the game we took out our goalkeeper to try and overcome skladno with 6 on 5 powerplay, but could not brake the defence and Kladno scored their last and 6th goal into empty net. The game ended 4:6.

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